ACOTAR, Annoying Princes, and Prison Breaks – House of Flame and Shadow Chapters 7-10

Romantasy Fan Girls Podcast
Romantasy Fan Girls Podcast
ACOTAR, Annoying Princes, and Prison Breaks - House of Flame and Shadow Chapters 7-10

In this episode we’re breaking down Chapters 7-10 of Sarah J. Maas’s Cresent City 3: House of Flame and Shadow (HOFAS).

CONTENT WARNING: All episodes WILL contain spoilers for CC3, and Sarah J. Maas’s other series – Throne of Glass and ACOTAR! If you haven’t finished these yet and don’t want to be spoiled – no worries! Come back when you’re done – we’ll be here. Also, this podcast is rated R – if you’re not cool with that, totally fine! But this isn’t the podcast for you.


  • Lidia’s plan for Irithys the Sprite Queen starts to play out
  • In the tunnels with Bryce and Nesta we meet a foe we thought was gone forever after ACOTAR!
  • Hunt pretty much gets the shaft when it comes to helpful information from some Princes of the Pit
  • Bryce starts piecing together an ancient story shrouded in mystery
  • Lidia becomes desperate for help in prison-breaking Ruhn and recruits some unlikely partners


All our episodes are structured the same way to keep things organized (for us and for you, the listener). Here’s the format:

  1. The Anchor – chapter summaries: 00:02:50
  2. The Drop – our theories and predictions based on the chapters covered 00:17:29
  3. The Ascent – deep dive into the characters, canon and more! 00:26:22
  4. Final Thoughts – 00:43:20


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