Squeamish Romantasy Fans – Do Not Listen! House of Flame and Shadow Chapters 15-19

Romantasy Fan Girls Podcast
Romantasy Fan Girls Podcast
Squeamish Romantasy Fans - Do Not Listen! House of Flame and Shadow Chapters 15-19

In this episode, Melina and Charlie cover Chapters 15-19 of Sarah J. Maas’s Crescent City 3: House of Flame and Shadow (HOFAS).


  • Play-by-play of Ithan’s insane fight with Sigrid in the Meat Market (no way this ends well…)
  • Ruhn loses an important appendage in the dungeons of the Crystal Palace (not for our squeamish fangirls out there!)
  • Breaking down Silene’s SUPER long history lesson of the ancient Fae into bite-sized chunks you can actually understand


  1. The Anchor – chapter summaries: 00:02:53
  2. The Drop – our theories and predictions: 00:37:36
  3. The Ascent – deep dive into the characters, canon and more! Timestamp: 00:48:00


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