Hunger Games Meets Pirates of the Caribbean – Romantasy Reads Interview with Author Liz Shipton

Romantasy Fan Girls Podcast
Romantasy Fan Girls Podcast
Hunger Games Meets Pirates of the Caribbean - Romantasy Reads Interview with Author Liz Shipton
Ep #20: Romantasy Reads Podcast

On this special edition of the Romantasy Reads Podcast, cousins, self-professed romantasy book nerds, and unapologetic romantasy fangirls, Charlie and Melina interview author and TikTok sensation Liz Shipton!

Liz is the author of the Thalassic series, a YA dystopian adventure with the tag line: What do you do with a drunken sailor when the world is underwater?

Liz uses her books as a means to explore themes of mental health, addiction, technology, climate change, and the looming collapse of society (but, like…in a fun way.)

When she’s not penning novels about the impending apocalypse, she works as a freelance content writer specializing in articles about code, music theory, and off-grid living.

On the rare occasion she’s not writing, you can find her swimming, hiking, telling her dog she loves her for the bazillionth time today, or watching Taskmaster.



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